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Hayden Family Homestead
12636 & 12640 E. FM 917
Alvarado, TX. 76009
817-779-0916, 817-404-8487, 817-473-1798
This property has 2 homes on it. One home is approx, 1,400 square feet. It is a cape cod style home with cedar siding, a large living room and the master bedroom, dining room, kitchen and 1 full bath downstairs. Upstairs is another bedroom and a 1/2 bath. The home has new carpet in several rooms as well as a beautifully remodeled bathroom, a new heat pump system, new roof, new screened in back porch, huge Arizona Ash & Shumard Red Oak and Pecan trees around the house along with others like Redbud and Pine. My parents have lived in this home for nearly 30 years so the trees are big and there is plenty of roses and greenery around the home as well as a 1 year old steel double carport. Click on any photo to see a much larger size
All photos were taken from September 2008 - July 2010. The date stamp on the camara is incorrect

The second home on the property is one that my wife and I recently built. It is about 95% completed and we have been living in the home for the past 6 years while we were finishing it out. The downstairs has 1,500 square feet. There are 3 large bedrooms (12'x14', 12'x16' & 12'x16'), 2 full baths, an 8'x17' mudroom with a doggie door and a 90 gallon hot water heater with twin 5,500 watt heating elements (YOU WILL NEVER RUN OUT OF HOT WATER). We keep our washer & dryer and chest freezer in there too.I built this home to live in forever so I used only the best materials and I made all of the rooms large and comfortable to be in. The living room has western red cedar walls and the stairs are the same too. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all in one big open room setting and our family members always want everyone to come to our house during the holidays because of the open setting and lots of room for the kids to play outside. The walls are all 2"x6" construction and even the inside walls are insulated for room to room sound protection. Every bedroom has a ceiling fan as does the living room. All the kitchen and bath fixtures are the best I could find and not the cheap stuff. I used only copper pipe in the home and most of it is 3/4" because I hate it when people turn on a sink and your shower goes cold. That won't happen in this house. It also has a full 8'x48' front porch with red cedar decking. I put the best concrete/fiberglass-Hardee siding on the home so it will never need replacing and the paint lasts more than twice as long. I also installed some expensive carpet last year for the entire downstairs.The upstairs was never intended to be anything more than an attic, but after the home was completed we realized how much space was up there so we framed in 2 12' x 16' bedrooms plus a central sitting area totaling 600 square feet. We have yet to sheetrock or do anythings else upstairs other than the framing and are currently using it only for storage. I ran out of cash so some minor things still need to be completed. Mostly things like trim and a little bit of wall texturing.The pictures below are of this home. As you can see it is an extremely cute country home and I get many compliments from the neighbors on it. Central heat and air was a bit more than I could afford so I installed electric baseboard heating in all of the rooms like I had in my home when I lived in the Mountains. In the summer I simply use window units. This has worked very well for the 6 years we have been in the home. We also recently installed a new carport for this home. After 30 years here we really love our place and wish we didn't have to sell but we will be moving out of state soon.

Here is a photo of the upstairs BEFORE we framed in the 2 bedrooms.

The property also has a very large 4 stall drive through horse barn, a large professional workshop with cabinets galore.

The soil is great here. You can grow just about anything with no need for fertilizers.
This was our fall 2009 Pumpkin patch.

All of our Peach and Plum trees produce very well.

I own a greenhouse company and have the materials on hand to build a greenhouse if the new buyer would like one as featured in Hobby Farms Magazine.

There are approx. 4.5 acres and 200' of hwy. 917 road frontage. It sits only 4 miles from downtown Mansfield and has the benefit of being about .5 mile outside the city limits and avoiding Mansfields high property taxes.

This property can also be used commercial. We currently operate a Greenhouse, trailer & building business with great hwy road frontage for it. Affordable Trailer Sales

Please call to set up a showing time. (817) 779-0916

This property is NOT for sale as "Owner Finance". Must be paid for by traditional bank, mortgage finance or cash.

This is not owner finance.






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